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It’s about the experience. Of making memories together. And this is the part they will remember.

WUZA Background!


Providing better life and access to a proper education with plenty of educational resources to the orphans and less privileged children and empower widows and youths by providing them with entrepreneurship and basic life skills


We are non-profit organization that aims to provide education to children from less-affluent families and the ones that do not have parents by building special build for them and creating employment opportunities.


Providing free education.

We provide free education to the society surround use, insuring the professional ways to the students that can make them to do well in their exams and life matters. Best reading skills, public speaking skills, writing and creativity studies.


Wake Up Zanzibar trains students how they can start their new business venture, being able to take risk by organizing, managing and planning so as to make profit. We educate students how to be able to live their lives after finishing school, most importantly we train them how to produce different goods and guide them on creating new ideas and becoming innovators that can impress the world. Examples some decorations, poems, perfumes, songs etc. The best creativity comes from a comfort of jokes.

Environmental preservation.

To all who are healthy can be good thinker, WUZA believes that preserving the environment beautifying the nature. We educate the community the importance of cleaning and protecting our environments and streets in order to avoid transmitting diseases like, cholera, corona, malaria and others. We take the students in places to clean, like care giving houses, markets, beaches and streets.

Empowering women and widows.

In Zanzibar, most women are not confident enough to believe on what they do and think, they think nothing can be correct without men assisting them. Wake Up Zanzibar provides the best knowledge for them that gives them power to stand and do what they want in life. WUZA needs to see all women are having the same right with men like the right to choose, the right to speak and to make sure that their voicesA are heard that can change the world.


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Do you need to be a volunteer! don't hesitate. If you are considering doing something for any reason.

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These are some of the visions of volunteers in our organization and the elders of our students.


They work with dedication and effort to bring development in our institute.

Ramadhan Maulid

Chief Executive Officer

Issa A. Issa

Assistant Director

Juma M. Ame


Rayfat M. Ahmed

Assistant Accountant

Amour M. Salum

Excutive Secretary

Sharifa M. Ramadhan

Assistant Excutive Secretary

Saleh M. Salum

Course Co-ordinator

Maulid Ramadhan Saleh



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